Tea - How to take Turmeric series

There are many ways to take turmeric for both medicinal purposes and for esthetics purposes. Today we are talking about Turmeric Tea

There are many ways to prepare your turmeric tea but I personally prefer making a little extra so I can enjoy it over the next few days. If you are using fresh (which is alway best) begin with at least 4 inches or more of the fresh root. If you purchased our fresh turmeric that was delivered to your door skip the peeling step as there is no skin) The easiest way to peel turmeric and ginger is with a spoon. You will never cut yourself and you will have the least amount of waste. Not great for your manicure but everything else will look AMAZING so no one will notice those orange little finger nails!!! (We do have white turmeric if you really hate the orange getting everywhere and it has the same medicinal properties)The reason I would peel turmeric with skin is because your tea will have little chunks that have the texture of dirt which is not the most palatable. Cut the turmeric into small pieces, this is the time to add your extras, (which are not necessary) ginger, black pepper or even garlic if you are hard core haha sometimes you're a tiger and sometimes you're a kitten!!!! (BTW adding black pepper increases the bioavailability of the curcumin which is the medicinal properties by 2000%!! Uuuuhhhhh why wouldn't you add it!!!)

Either way you are taking huge steps in the right direction!! (Ginger is extremely medicinal and you can see a section on ginger on our site as well) Simmer all your goodies in a big pot with lots of water (depending on how strong you want your tea) for an hour or more. I personally do not let my tea rapid boil as I don't want ANY of the nutrients to be lost. Also I put my bits and pieces in a nut milk bag because it is less to clean up but not at all necessary. After your amazing concentrated tea is as potent as you like let it cool then put in a glass jar in the fridge and enjoy over the next 3 days!!! You can have it iced, hot or whatever you like!!! Just add a bit of water unless you like it super strong.