Smoothies - How to take Turmeric series

I eat smoothies every single day!! Pretty much for breakfast and lunch. It feels great on my digestive system,  is super easy and delicious.... or delicious depending on what you add to it!! Smoothies are a great way to get a little turmeric into your diet if you don't have a juicer.

One tip when you are adding turmeric is to only make enough for one serving so you can finish it in one sitting. You don't want the black pepper to fall to the bottom of the blender and then you only eat the top without the absorption of the black pepper. Ohhhh noooooo you don't!!!!

Turmeric has quite a potent taste so I have a recipe that I really enjoy!! It is coconut water, lemon juice, lemon therapeutic oil, bananas, ginger, turmeric and whatever add ons you love as in kale, spinach, basil yum yum, cilantro or any other fresh herbs you like! I personally love adding fresh herbs to my smoothies and basil is a go to favorite of mine. Who doesn't like basil.. I mean.. really.... The ratio is up to you and depends on your own personal preferences. I love strong flavors so I tend to go a bit heavy on the turmeric and ginger adding about an inch of each.

The coconut water, bananas and lemon really give your smoothie a nice sweet and sour flavor that balances out the stronger components. I eat large smoothies so I tend to use a whole bottle of coconut water which is about 1 liter, 1 inch turmeric, 1/2 inch ginger, 3 bananas depending on the size of the bananas, a huge handful of herbs, a medium handful of greens, 2-3 drops of therapeutic oil and the juice of a lemon.

I love how refreshing this recipe is and I can make it all year as most of these ingredients are readily available throughout the seasons. Other months I will use watermelon, cayenne pepper, black pepper and surprise surprise BASIL!!! Hahaha Mango season I use coconut water, coconut milk (balances out the potent flavor), mango,  bananas and pineapple yum yum Use whatever is in season, write down your recipes so you can alter them as needed...

As far as blenders we use vita-mix and I cannot imagine my life without it however ridiculous that sounds hahaha but as I mentioned before I literally use it everyday for breakfast and lunch and for salad dressings!! I have heard that the Blendtec is just as good as the vitamix but has a more shallow container that is easier to get everything out of and I can imagine that being the case but I have never tried it. Those 2 are pretty much the top of the line and will blend everything you put in it into a smooth delicious creaminess goodness. N

inja has a great blender as well and a bit less expensive if you are new to smoothies. No matter what blender you have just keep making those turmeric smoothies!!!! Cheers!!!